Why to Choose Flats in Kochi with No Common Walls

Choosing Apartment living style has become the most-preferred and wanted living option in major metropolitan cities especially in Cochin Kerala. The rise in demand for residential areas have resulted in space constraints to develop residential options. The real estate scenario copes with this situation by incorporating some compact designs in flats and apartments which often harms the concept of peaceful living. Due to the increase in demand for flats in Kochi there are less options for privacy in the residential areas. Selecting an apartment that does not share common walls with the other unit is a smart choice to this problem.

Finding the best builder in Kochi who provides the apartments with no common walls is again a hectic work. Here we are MPS Builders in Tripunithura providing the main attraction of flats with “no common walls”.

Pointing out some of the benefits of having apartments with no common walls:

Noise Free Area

Enjoy the private life with the best available no common wall apartments. Get the hustle free life without the interference of others and the loud noises from the neighborhood.

Absolute privacy

The absence of common walls which shares and transmits sound from one apartment to another apartment, gives the best privacy for the inhabitants. Privacy can be enjoyed to the utmost in these units. From the blaring TVs to loud chit-chats to crying babies, any potential noise that cause disturbance to the inhabitants is instantly cancelled in these independent structures.

flats in kochi

Natural illumination

Have you ever been haunted with the darkness that the four walls of an apartment offers even in daylight? Here we have flats in tripunithura with no common walls providing good illumination during the day!!

The main attraction of flats in Cochin with no common walls is that there are 3 entry points that let in ample amount of sunlight and daylight into the rooms providing a provision for natural illumination. Therefore, during the day, the flats in Kochi will be well lit with natural light that also creates and increases a warm and welcoming ambiance within the apartment.

Another advantage that is worth mentioning for a no common wall apartment is the reduced use of the artificial lightings. This could be a much additional attraction for those who now have a high increased electricity bill.

flats in tripunithura

Free flow of air

All the 3 entry points makes sure in ensuring an uninterrupted flow of air within the apartment. With the fresh air circulating in the house, it has a natural ventilation which prevents the temperature from soaring inside and also maintains a comfortable, cool and fresh ambiance by pushing out the stale air. This design helps take advantage of breezy days to its fullest, while also being an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners even in the summer.

This also allows in maintaining the temperature within the flat at a normal range and also can stay cool even during the summer seasons. Free flow of air refreshes the space inside each unit and doesn’t allow stale and hot air to be retained inside.

Enjoy the Home Feeling

With the flats in tripunithura of no common walls enjoy the single home feeling without the outer disturbance and other noises. Live the individual life in your apartment with your loved ones with utmost privacy.

Pointing out are some of the benefits of the no common wall apartments there are many other benefits. Having an apartment with no common wall in this era is always is always an asset and much required amenity.
MPS Builders provides apartments with no common walls at tripunithura and many other places in Kerala. Check out the flats in Kochi.