Fire Safety Precautions for High Rise Flats in Cochin

The recent incidents in the Cochin city have been not that glad news as there was a range of fire breakthroughs all over the city. The city was submerged under the smoke for nearly two days. All the parts of the city were under the same situation and it caused havoc all around. The most affected where the flats in Cochin. The fire that broke out in the brahmapuram plant lasted for more than 24 hours. It was also difficult for the fire force to control it.

The most affected where the apartments and the other higher buildings due to the height and the other problems. People living in an apartment building need to think ahead and be prepared in the event of a fire. It is important to know the fire safety features in your building and work together with neighbors to help keep the building as fire-safe as possible.

The recent fire explosion at the brahmapuram plant at kakkanad caused high havoc for the inhabitants in the flats in tripunithura. The main cause for the fire was the mismanagement of the waste at the plant. Always make sure to be safe within your flat during and after a fire explosion.

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As the height of the building increases due to the wind and the other problems the smoke gets scattered within the building and never gets out. Lets now discuss why the risks of fire perceived areas much higher in tall buildings. The main reasons for this are:

  • Egress Systems
  • Access to Floors
  • Forces of Nature
  • Crowded Place
  • Less Vertical Utility

Egress Systems in Flats

The main problem lies in the exit stares as the number of storeys of the buildings is increasing the chances of crowding in the exit stares also increases. The overcrowding and the steepness of the exit stare causes in staking of the smoke.

Access to Floors

In case of high rise flats, the reach by the rescuers is also limited. Some of the intermediate flats will cause a problem for the rescue team. The upper levels will be facing the threat of the smoke.

Forces of Nature

Wind always has an impact on the movement of the smoke. This always adversely affects the high buildings. The smoke spreads much faster in case of higher buildings than compared to the smaller buildings

Crowded Place

It’s always difficult to control the spread of the smoke if the place is much crowded as there will free space for the movement, which again makes it difficult.

Less Vertical Utility

Because of the use of the pipes and other requirements vertically, the space available for the rescue team is much lesser.

These are the main hurdles that are to be kept in mind while trying out for a fire rescue within a high rise apartment. The main reason for the fire that caused in the parts of kochi were due to the less maintenance of the waste plant and the high rise in the summer heat.
There were many buildings in kochi from the various builders in kochi which suffered from the causes of the fire that broke out.

Here are some tips for the high rise apartments to safeguard during and after a fire accident:

Building Fire Safety

Make to take safety measures and be prepared every time. Talk to the apartment builder about the fire detection systems and other safety measures required.

Be Prepared

Learn about the evacuation plan of the building and have regular plans according to the requirements. Be sure to know about the stairs and the exit ways from the building.

Summer Emergency Kit

Maintain a summer emergency kit in your plan so that it can be much easy during an evacuation. The summer kit must include the charger and another day to day pieces of stuff required for you.

Have a Regular Watch

Make sure to regularly monitor the announcements from the authorities and follow them. Be prepared and have a thorough check with your apartment eventually.

Be aware of emergency contacts around your apartment complex

Have emergency contacts like the fire department, hospitals in hand. Save them in your mobile and tag them properly, so that you can easily find these numbers during an emergency.

Have regular Fire Safety Sessions and Fire Drills

Fire systems familiarisation sessions and fire drills should be held once every six months so that residents know how to use fire fighting devices.

The ongoing flats in tripunithura add up with the much-developed fire precaution systems and thus giving their investors a good living experience.

Some of the Do’s and Don’ts during a Fire Emergency:

  • Urgently call the Fire Department and also an Ambulance.
  • Alert everyone and quickly move them towards the fire exit
  • Don’t use the lift and make use of the stairs instead.
  • When evacuating the building, be sure to feel doors for heat before opening them to be sure there is no fire danger.
  • If there is smoke in the air, stay low to the ground, especially your head, to reduce inhalation exposure.
  • In case if you are trapped in your room or building during fire try to stop smoke and fire getting into your room by using towels, blankets or spare clothes to block the gaps in the door.
  • If you catch fire on your clothes then stop, do panic or run. It will make the fire burn faster and lead to more injuries or burn. Dropping on the ground and rolling can help extinguish the fire.Make sure to follow these steps and never panic during a fire breakout. Keep up the lessons from your builder and be a good listener. Follow the instructions from the authorities also during the calamitic seasons. Make it a point to check with the builder for the updated safety measures that are carrying out every year. Happy Living at your Homes.

Guidelines to NRIs for Investing in Real Estate

A home built with own money that too in your native place is always a dream for everyone. Always people living outside India have a dream of having their own home. Kerala, being one among the growing metro state in our country, is the destination choice for all NRIs. According to the recent reports from the sources, the most preferred locations in Kerala are Kochi and Trivandrum. There are many builders in Kerala who focuses on building flats in tripunithura.

The rising demand for flats in Cochin is ever increasing and hence this shows the favorable conditions in the real estate market for the NRIs to invest in Kerala for their home’s. The builders in Kerala are aiming the recent developments in the main cities so as to grab more attention from the investors. The rising developments help in best selling of the flats.

Most of the people living outside India prefer to have a location for their home in Kerala that too in Kochi because of the high-end amenities and the access of the daily requirements.

What all should a person investing in Real Estate should be aware of?? Have a look at the important things an NRI buyer should keep in mind. The list below talks about some of the points one should check for.

Property Type

The NRI people can own any of the immovable properties. These mainly include the residential as well as the commercial or business properties. The residential properties include the flats, land and house plots. They are never allowed to buy the new farm and agricultural lands instead of inheriting their properties is never turned down.

Power of Attorney (POA)

It is never a necessity for an NRI to be physically present for carrying out a property related transaction back home. One can carry out the official procedures and steps like the registration of property, steps, and procedures of loan aspects, buying property etc through the power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney allows someone who is closely related to the buyer to have power. The person is allowed to sign for the buyer.
There are many builders in Cochin who provides with the investment for the NRI with the help of their related person.

Home Loan

Another requirement for the NRIs to go for an investment in their home town is the home loan. They can apply for a home loan for buying a property. An NRI can avail home loan from any of the banks or financial company registered with National Housing Bank. The mandatory requirement is that one needs to have an account in an authorised Nationalised bank. The transactions an NRI makes should be of Indian currency only. The repayment of loan can be done with NRO/NRE account or FCNR (Foreign Currency Non-Resident) deposits.
The builders in ernakulam who have flats in tripunithura makes it a point to let the NRI investors have a smooth home loan process.

Tax benefits

Viewing the tax benefits of any other Indian citizen even an NRI is eligible to get the tax benefits. They can claim their tax benefits according to the laws and sections termed by the Indian Government. The charges for the processing fee, stamp duty, registration, and municipal tax are applicable for the tax deduction.

Sell or Rent –an NRI property

The NRI person is allowed to sell their properties without any additional requirements. They can either sell or they can also give away their property for rent. But they can only sell the land to an Indian resident. Many builders also allow the NRI for just investing in the property and allowing someone else to have the house in their name.

The main attraction of the builders in tripunithura is that they give the most for the foreign NRI investors and allows most of the benefits. Keep in mind the above guidelines if investing for your home in your favorite place of your hometown. Happy Investment!!

Tips for Easy Packing and Moving from your Home

Planning to shift from your current home to a new home?? Congrats on your new home!
Currently, you only need to comprehend how you’re reaching to pack and move everything while not breaking the bank, your fragile lamp, or your back. Someone who has gone through this phase exactly knows how hard this is. Some of the builders in Ernakulam help you out to check in to their building which makes it much easier. It’s never an easy deal to move your home with less effort. Here are some of the tips for your easy packing and moving.

Create a List

Before any occasion or any of the function or moving happening at your home be sure to make a list so that the function can happen much smoothly. Writing up a full list of things that need to be completed before moving out of a place is important stuff. Before moving away make sure to tell the newspaper delivery boy, the milkman and all those who are actively present in day to day activities.
Letting them know is necessary as you may need to settle down their cash dealings before movings. Also creating a list is much helpful as one may not forget any of things that need to be completed.

Make Sure to Plan Ahead

Plan ahead before leaving a place. Thinking that you can cover up the things and its packing on the final day is never going to happen. When keeping things to the last moment can cause a mess and can be terrible and you will be missing out things.
Always try to have a plan early itself when thinking about moving itself. It can much beneficial as you will not fall short of anything as well as will be much relieved at the end of the time.
It is always recommended that you start the packing 2-3 weeks in advance. Packing is one of the most toughest and time-consuming tasks and so, start it earlier. Consider certain things before buying an ongoing flat under 50 lakhs in tripunithura.

Take up boxes and Plan your Strategy

Wrap up all your pieces of stuff be it small ones or big ones into boxes, this helps out for a good movement than the individual movings. Wrapping your electronic appliances in boxes are much of advantage as the chance of losing the connection wires and other electrical requirements of the appliances will be much lesser.
Keeping the things in boxes allows making much more space within the vehicle as well as will be much organized as one individual box can be put up for similar things.
And there is not much to worry when considering the fact that what to do about these boxes after shifting. They are reusable and are eco-friendly.

Reach Necessary Things

Keep in mind to add your necessary day to day things in an easily accessible box. This has to be done so as to make sure that you can access your daily required things easily. Be sure to place your documents such as your identification certificates, details of your house, medicines and other high priority things in easy access.
Write up names for each box that are to be accessed, which can be much easily accessible.

Never Fill Up Air

Always try to save space and the number of boxes required by adding your things to the shelves and other boxes of the table. Many of the daily usage things go into the table boxes thus saving the transportation difficulty.
When all the materials are wrapped up in the boxes it can make difficulty for the movement hence never wrap up the air in your shelves. Try to save as much as you can reducing your transportation cost.

Maintain a Room

Dedicate a single room for stuffing up all your packed items. This will help out in maintaining a specific organized way of your things so that none of the things will be missing out. It will help you organize everything well so that things don’t get mixed up. Be sure to organize your kinds of stuff as groups so that when searching for the same, it will be much easier.
Ever thought of buying your own home and moving there with your family. Check out the best ongoing flats near to infopark accessible for everyone that too for affordable prizes, for your new home. The builders in Ernakulam helps you out with your packing and movement.
Try out these basic packing and moving tips for your best journey to your best and dream house. All the very best for your new home.

Why Investing In Apartments is a Good Idea

Ever considered of buying your own home or an apartment for you?? If not consider the same as it can be one of the best decision that you have taken ever. Having an own home is everyone’s dream and one spends his whole life investing for it. Here are builders in Kochi to fulfill your dream.

Buying an own home and marking it as a lifetime investment is the best thing as the investment put upon the apartments never goes in vain and helps out in building the first stone for your investment. Investing in flats available in tripunithura is yet another option for you.

Real estate is generally a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and can be a good long-term investment if the value increases over time. The best option in real estate is to invest with builders in Kochi as it is a place in Kerala which has shown continued growth, and then wait for the hike in prices so as to make out the best from it when resale happens.

Comparing to investing in land, investing in completed properties are the best option as it can be much more beneficial for the buyer since it can also be for his use and can have good resale value.
Some of the reasons by which the apartment investing are good are:

Better Source of Income

The main advantage of owning or investing in an apartment is that they can be another source of income. Think about renting out your apartment to the necessary people and that can be your source. Even the owned property may have good resale value if its near to one of the progressing areas thus providing another source of income.
Having a good flat near to kakkanad in Kochi Kerala is the best option as it is the IT hub of Cochin city, having people from different parts of the State as well as the country.

Best Option for NRI’s

For a Non-Resident Indian investing in apartments are good options as they can use it when they return or they can rent it out to others or there are options for resale. So always investing in flats or apartments are a good idea.

Have Benefits of Tax

Investment in real estate and properties also has tax benefits. You can write off your expenses for items like advertising, insurance, property management fees and more, thereby reducing your taxable income.
Getting Loans for your properties reduces the amount of payable taxes for you and there are tax exemptions for employees working in institutions that can be beneficial for them.

Living a Secured Life

Apartments are always a better place to live as they provide the whole security options for the inhabitants with high-end security systems and having gated structures. They also provide the facilities of medical needs, educational requirements and other days to day stuff for daily life.

Resale Values

Resale values for apartments are high as they are giving out the best options for the buyers. They always highlight the best available prices for the flat and thus grabbing the attention of the potential buyers.

All of the above are the main high points that highlight the reasons for the investment in apartments. The Flats in tripunithura, as well as flats near kakkanad, are best options for your first-time investment as those have the best resale values and good attention-grabbing of the customers looking out for rental apartments.
Be ready to purchase your first property make it your lifetime investment!!!