about us



Our mission is to design and construct buildings within and abroad India with no compromise on Quality. We stand to be an experience for anyone who comes in touch with us, as a client or a vendor and that will allow one and all to have amazing experiences in life through the construction and ambience we create. In the residential sector, we will make sure our clients have peace, privacy and experience a range of recreational activities. In the industrial/commercial sector, we aim to design and construct buildings that create an experience of joy. We aim to provide creatively and practically designed buildings, which are situated in convenient and prominent locations. We stand for Quality and on time delivery keeping in mind a client’s dream and experience.


We stand for being a builder who helps in Designing Life Experiences through the uncompromising Quality of Construction they craft, transcending borders into every continent to be the BEST BUILDER in the Globe by 2030.

Designing life experiences

MPS Builders respect the sacred nature of homes. We realize the influence homes have on those who come to stay there and so we design, plan and build homes with attention to detail, analysis, creativity and heartfelt good wishes. Every home moulds the lives of those inside, and our topmost priority is to do justice to this responsibility.


A branded enterprise known for its reliability, MPS India Holdings Pvt.Ltd is one among the twenty-one companies in the MPS group - with more than a decade's experience in construction. The MPS group was founded 30 years back. It started as a humble business in spices and became the conglomerate that it is. Today, the MPS group can boast about its work ethics and partners that are decades old. We have created a hallmark of quality that all our clients appreciate and praise. This is us, designing life experiences, for now, and forever...

CMD's Message

MPS Builders Pvt.Ltd is a company that believes in setting the bar high. We not only aim big we also put in the efforts and skills required to reach that goal and even go beyond it. MPS Builders currently has many ongoing residential projects inside Kerala and outside as well, in the regions of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We are also working on many commercial projects like a five-star hotel in Calicut, a convention centre in Trivandrum and a few multiplexes. It's hard to believe that MPS started off as a simple business that dealt with spices. We believe in honest work and that's why the quality of services has been undisputed among our clients.

From the moment I had the realization that the homes I would create would be from a client’s life time savings, I have made sure that it is our duty to ensure that we rise to their expectations and try to surpass it if possible. I have categorically told my Team never to compromise on Quality during deliverance. I never knew that a client would spend his life savings with us to buy a home before I came into this field. I have created this company for profit, no dispute on that, but that would never be by trampling over someone’s dreams and this is my promise to whomsoever reading this. Our clientele, their glowing feedback and more than satisfactory experiences with our services are what gives MPS its renown today. And so, we take up this duty of designing homes and thus, designing life experiences with utmost sincerity - for now, and forever.